Top Entertainment for your Wedding Party!

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Liven up your wedding party or event with unique and original caricatures drawn of your guests. They are fabulous fun and a wonderful entertainment addition to the evening. Young and old alike will be queing up to enjoy the chance take away a lasting momento of your wedding day.

The black and tone drawings take between 2-4 minutes and are a great way for you to say 'thank you for coming!' They can be given out as favours by the bride and groom or kept, photocopied and given out later.

Of course, the ideal time to be drawing at weddings is in the evening when family and guests are relaxed and can enjoy sitting and chatting about the days events. Another popular time are the hours between the church service and reception.

It's not only great fun to be drawn, but also huge fun to watch as well as the portrait takes shape. Children, especially enjoy the entertainment and the chance to aid and abet me in a caricature of other family memebers or friends.

My charge for drawing in the evening for three and a half hours at a wedding party would be £250. Any time spent drawing after the three and a half hours will be chargeable. The pictures are yours to keep of course and copy for friends and family.
Please inquire for smaller parties. Prices start from £40 (for a children's party). Prices will vary according to the events and number of people attending.

Fuel costs would apply if the events is over 20 miles drive away, charged at 30 pence per mile. If required to stopover, the cost would be additional also.

Below are a couple of montages from weddings and parties. Just click the thumbnails to see a larger image.

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